Historical clip --- ## Getting started Taking Lindy hop classes is pretty straightforward: bring some comfortable clothes, flat indoor shoes and a bottle of water. The rest will become clear during your first class. **Clothing:** Just make sure you feel comfortable in whatever you wear. Sport clothes are fine, trousers, skirts, dragon suits… anything is allowed as long as you can move freely and without fear in it. The most important part are the shoes: the flatter and the more slippery, the better (worn out sport shoes, sneakers…). Better leave high heels home for now. **Hydration:** Prepare mentally that you might be sweating during class. Water bottles are highly recommended. **Class rules:** We rotate couples (so every one get to dances with each other!) and everyone learns to lead and follow in the Beginners course. **Payment:** You can find the course fee bill from the confirmation email and Portal. We accept all the major employee benefit vouchers (Smartum, Edenred, ePassi, EazyBreak)." />